Colbert Roasts Lumberjacks

As some of you may know I work on the Stihl Timbersports Series every summer, I have for 17 years. I am the "cutoff and swing-dog guy" who is the only non-competitor sawing on stage. My job is to trim competition wood and put the clamps, "swing-dogs" on the springboard poles. For several years the Colbert report has taken to spoofing Timbersports. It is rather amusing if you know the guys involved. This year it was one of my favorite competitors, Mike Forrester, who was bagged by the Comedy Channel's cameras. Mike is a logger from Oregon. If you simply shake hands with him you will instantly realize how strong these lumberjack competitors are. He was a good sport to let the Colbert Report follow him around his home.
Sport Report - Mike Forrester