A Wise Latina Liar

This “wise Latina woman” Supreme Court nominee of Obama’s is starting to look more like Rosie O’Donnell – a nut bag.


Solomayor is a graduate of two of America’s Ivy League schools. This means she has been imparted from the moment she was accepted at those institutions with the idea that she is smarter than, better than, and more “educated” than, pretty much everyone else in the world not adorned with such an “education” or should we say indoctrination.


How so?


Let’s take a look at her much-touted credentials to even be ON the list of nominees for the US Supreme Court.


#1. Sitting Liberal Federal Judge.

#2. Liberal Woman with Puerto Rican heritage.

#3. Liberal education at Princeton and Yale.


But number three, the Solomayor education, is essentially a worthless stack of decorative sheepskins because everyone knows Princeton and Yale degrees mean nothing beyond the fact that those schools need to graduate a defined number of minorities such as Solomayor.


The Princeton and Yale tests are rigged, when need be, in favor of women with Puerto Rican parents to achieve racial quotas. And no one knows this better than Solomayor.


Racial preference explains the decision she handed down in Ricci v. DeStefano regarding the tests the white firemen took for advancement. Solomayor knows in her heart and from her own experience the tests were rigged to allow for only white firemen to pass. THAT is how she thinks. THAT is how she defines equality under the law. THIS is Latino wisdom. Supporting racial preferences for minorities is how Solomayor “earned” her degrees at liberal schools.


Here is a revealing quote from the wise Latina’s 1997 appointment to the Federal bench:


"I don't believe we should bend the Constitution under any circumstance. It says what it says. We should honor to it."


Looks like she is a “say whatever it takes” type of wise Latina woman as well.