New From The Democrat Mint!

Here is an investment suggestion:


Quick go out and get yourself some of them California State I.U.O.s! (And always take advice from someone who knows little of grammar)


These things are going to become a collector’s item for sure.


Ever since the Democrats took over California in the early 90’s and spent and borrowed that state into oblivion this unique investment has been a serious opportunity.


A state as big as California will only be issuing I.O.U.s until it gets back on its feet by borrowing more as it has done regularly since the dot com bubble burst and the state INCOME tax revenue dipped 22%. It is only a matter of time until they go back to using currency again – probably Chinese.


But the investment diversity only begins here.


In short order California, with a Democrat stranglehold on the legislature, will surely be in an even more staggering economic crisis and have to print California I.O.U.s again.


You could collect the whole series, just like with the Franklin Mint offerings of coated gold coins.


Some day never before circulated California I.O.U.s in “mint” (photocopier) condition will be like real money – the kind California used to have.


Next, with Democrats in charge of New Hampshire, one could include our own I.O.U.s in that collection as well.


Oh the suspense of sitting in front of the cameras at the Antiques Road Show waiting to hear what your 50 state I.O.U. collection should be insured for!


See, our Progressive Democrat economists really do have a plan.