Where Credit Is Due

Let me get this straight.


The Little Governor has to lay off another 750 state employees to save money – something like $25 million. We have a budget “crisis” to deal with I hear.


Low and behold, the state employees are angry with him, as they should be.


From what I can see our governor did not have the castonettes, when the time was right, to tone down the pent up spending desires of our New Hampshire Democrat Party during the last budget cycle when they finally got their claws on complete control of the state budget. NH Democrats did what all Democrats do when they have any hint of a chance – they taxed, they spent, and they borrowed until they were exhausted.


And the state employees are mad at Governor Flynch?


It looks a lot like the Democrat Legislature has SPENT these 750 state employees out of their jobs.


Increasing a state budget 17.5% in the beginning of a recession everyone knew was coming has consequences. Just because Lynch has post-response syndrome there is no reason to forget our pals in the House and Senate who were out buying votes with state employee paychecks.