The Graft Is Always Bluer On The Other Side Of The State Line

I spent last week at the Jersey Shore on vacation at the beach – I hate the beach unless I am harassing fish with a surf rod. I left mine home. That left the sunny deck for me to camp on.


Reading the local papers took up most of my time. We stayed in a small vacation town named Sloth in Gluttony County just south of Atlantic City. This let me get my hands on the Philly Inquirer and an A.C. paper called The Press. I plunked $2.50 down for a WSJ once as well.


Is anyone keeping count regarding how many elected officials are currently not under indictment in New Jersey? The Feds are picking them up by the bus load - three mayors the other day. This isn’t big “ethics” news like Governor Sarah Palin wearing a jacket with a snowmobile company patch on it but I would think it was news just the same.


They have so many politicians locked up in New Jersey it is hard to imagine how the place keeps running. Oh that’s right, because of the shortfall in income and sales tax collections Governor Corzine has borrowed billions through anticipated toll hikes extending into 2050.


Here is a short list of some trouble making paddy wagon riders:

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano

Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell

Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega

New Jersey Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith was released on a $100,000 bond.

Former NJ Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Joe Doria resigned hours after the arrests were announced Thursday.

Governor Corzine is not involved in any of the probes or arrests as of yet. Well that’s nice.

Did I mention that all of these guys are - you guessed it, Democrats!

Philly had some high profile Democrat action as well.


Take for instance former State Senator Vince Fumo who was just found guilty of 137 counts of racketeering and mail fraud. Fumo was the ranking Democratic Member of the Senate Appropriations Committee until his federal indictment in February 2007. A guilty verdict like Fumo’s would entitle you or me to 10 or 15 years in a Federal pen. Old Vince got 55 months. Thank you judge – take that jury for doing your job.


The short prison ride entitlement must come from Fumo’s past arrests early in his Democrat career. In 1978, Fumo was convicted by a jury of 15 counts. As has happened this time a federal judge came to the rescue by overturning the conviction in 1981 after motions by the defense to acquit. And as could be expected, good Philly Democrats re-elected Vince.


New Hampshire hasn’t been a Democrat Blue State very long like Pennsylvania and New Jersey have, although like those Democrat states we are in a crash and burn financial cycle from overspending.


We don’t have bus loads of public officials heading off to the pen but we do have a nifty little scandal involving what appears to be a rigged railroad bid in Milford. Have you heard about this yet? Probably not, it’s confined to our good Democrat leadership so far.


Stay tuned to the net. The bloggers will cover it.