The Signifyin Monkey Goes Ape

Apparently I had no idea how bad the black man in America really had it until the Professor Henry Louis Gates incident exploded on the much ado about nothing scene. Now I understand so much more of what makes a race huckster tick.


My research on Professor Gates has enlightened me. Until now I would have never understood why an Afro-American Harvard Professor would turn into a black version of Yosemite Sam when asked by a white police officer for identification.


Professor Gates was simply Signifyin.


So you never heard of Professor Gates most noteworthy book The Signifyin Monkey?


This historic study into the world of Ebonics on steroids was the professor’s meal ticket into liberal academia. Here is a brief description of what Gates sells as something worthy of a Harvard professorship and free house to live in. (That’s right, the house Gates and his limo driver were breaking into belongs to the university.)


Professor Gates claims that a fable from Africa about a monkey who from a tree teases a lion to show who is in fact the smartest and most powerful animal in the jungle. Gates then goes on to expand on this fable as the basis for all literary tradition from Africa, even though many tribes had no written language, and that tradition is now engrained into American Afro-centric literature and maybe the basis for some sort of understanding of the black American’s  plight as an oppressed minority in a racist world.


In essence, Gates is a phony and a literary lightweight who created his own area of expertise he can mold and fold into any shape he wants to fit the circumstances.


I think his theory can best be described as Afro-Alzheimer’s – a disease where the sufferer causes great suffering to himself and everyone else around him by only remembering something about being a slave once upon a time.


How ironic though.


Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates would like the world to believe he is a champion of the black oppressed minority in America. He makes a damn good living pointing out the evils of racism and exposing them as being the fabric of everything American and he does this in a leafy campus of elite academics who do not have the courage to say out loud he is a fraud.


Confronted with a simple request for identification by a local police officer responding to a possible break-in at his already broken-into residence Mr. Gates demands special treatment - because he is black.


Welcome to the Ivy League.