Palin 2012

I was running a string trimmer and listening to one of those headset radios when I heard Governor Sarah Palin was stepping down before finishing her term as Alaska’s governor. I would call it a “remember where you where” moment.


This is the best thing that ever happened to the conservative movement and a big headache for the Republican establishment whose members have honed to a fine art throwing inner-party opponents to the crazy savages on the left.


Sarah isn’t going to be that easy to deal with. She fights back.


The short story from the news media/Democrat Progressives is that Governor Palin is the sum total of any number of thousands of bad adjectives – the usual pummeling of political up-and-comers has a standard theme: stupid, unhinged, unprepared, blinded by an off-beat religion, ethically challenged and sexually repressed. We have seen it all over and over again. The technique has worn thin and predictable.


Sarah Palin sees right through the media slaughter aimed at her family and future and took decisive action against it.


Let’s see:


She leaves Alaska with enviable poll ratings, measurable accomplishments in several executive positions, a clean record as a champion of the little guy and good government, and in the hands of a like-minded successor.


There is absolutely no recognized leadership on any level, in any fashion, with any testosterone, in the Republican Party the public sees. Sara Palin has white hot name recognition.


There is a craving by the Republican base for a conservative champion. Paling has a 73% approval rating among Republicans now. This move will do nothing to harm that.


Every day our rapidly graying, out of his league, change agent in chief gets out of the sack he has to answer for failed socialist policies that have brought him, in six short months, to the brink of answering politically for his mistakes. Sarah Palin will be right there to point them out and the press will cover her every time because they have no other target on which to focus on. Why it’s almost like having a political campaign, issue by issue, point by point, handed to you by your foolish foil. And as luck would have it, unlike Barack Obama, Sarah Plain has a set of core beliefs she can say out loud.


Sarah Palin has the “misfortune” to be mocked by such unfunny cultural icons as Saturday Night Live and David Letterman, but SNL saw its best ratings in almost two decades when she appeared on that sad little show. Letterman had his posterior handed to him when he tried to go after one of the two Palin children remaining who have not been smeared properly by the left. Sarah should re-visit the dwindling dwarf of CBS anchorland and hand-truck her a load of what any governor reads in a week. Where did Couric go after she made anchor anyway?


This will be fun to watch.


Sarah Palin takes on the three biggest detriments to America’s future at the same time:


1. Socialist/Progressive Democrats and their shrinking White House diety.


2. The mainstream left-wing media and its shrinking reader and viewership.


3. The silk stocking Republican sellouts who cling to cheap deals with their enemies as a plan for a road back to power.