You Go Girl

And so it begins in less than a week.

Sarahcudda takes a sound shot, from a safe place, at one of the three hearts of the problem with American politics as they stand now: The Republican Good old Boy Network!!!

And the mainstream media will NOT be able to shut her comments out:

"Obsessive partisanship" has hurt the party, she said, striking a more independent beat than the partisan tune she sang on the campaign trail.

"We have so many people who offer advice, but I'm going to continue to be, whether some of them like it or not, pretty darn independent, and not get wrapped up into a strong political machine that hasn't been extremely successful in some ways."

You see, taking a poke at your own party is the key to press coverage by the left. Pat Buchanan is making a new pundit career out of criticizing his old pals. So has Joe Scarborough. It fits right in to Palin’s playbook.


Now watch as the “Republican pundits” who hold themselves out as conservatives take shots back at her. Their past ability to talk down any budding opposition to another McCain, Bush, or Dole may not work with Governor Sarah Palin. This is a whole new ball game and she has many more than they do.


Another wrinkle:


I hear republican talkers (Rove is one) that Sarah will NOT be able to meet all the personal appearance requests she will receive now she is “retired from politics” and this will hurt her.




As she fights back at the left and the media her target will also be RINOs who will, out of spite, not ask her to come to fundraisers and will critisize her every move. Thisshould expose on a grand scale to anyone who is paying the least of attention who in the party needs to step back.


Bring it on.