Awake And Smell A Smoldering Health Reform Plan

I think I have this Tea Party thing all figured out.


Liberal Democrats, you know the type, communists, socialists, communitarians, progressives, and all manner of moonbats, want socialized medicine in this country as a means to control the lives of people they consider lesser beings. Government run healthcare is the human equivalent of raising free range chickens - no real pens needed and the end result is the same, the chickens get the knife.


Here is the sales pitch for this liberal scam:


“Our health care system is broken and we have to DO SOMETHING about it, ANYTHING, and we have to do it NOW!”


The ANYTHING part of this equation is pre-determined and citizens who know how progressives work understand it completely. Just as Obama is questioned for saying in Portsmouth, NH that AARP is on board with his plan is not true technically, they know it is a fact AARP will be on board with any Obama plan.


In the Democrats rush to use Chicago tactics of shoving socialist heath care down American throats with unwritten legislation and make believe emergency timetables Obama has alienated vast legions of people who care deeply about heath care and its cost.


The frustration felt by average Americans with mindless Democrat spending, borrowing taking over of industry, and outright lying has created an odd situation where citizens are taking to the streets in unseen numbers.


Here is what I think they want:


Americans want tax and spend politicians out of office and they want them out NOW. They are willing to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to get this through to Washington elites. If it takes going to Tea Parties, protests, “town meetings” or other stacked, staged events and stand outside with a sign they are willing to do it.


The bussed in pro-Obama supporters to these town meetings like the one in New Hampshire are no match for the sleeping giant the liberal Democrats have stirred.