The Most Ethical Congress in History

It is a bit hard to find the story about a former Democrat Congressman “Dollar Bill” Jefferson in the news because we have so much to read about reverse racial profiling and the subsequent White House picnic table diplomacy but the criminal trial of a Democrat congressman deservers some mention, dontchathink?


Here it is:


One of the most corrupt political machines in America, besides Obama’s old Chicago stomping grounds, is in the New Orleans congressional district of once all-powerful Rep. William Jefferson. Although indicted for corruption in 2007 - taking bribes from the FBI on tape, he won the primary to his last term. Not so uncommon for a Democrat. I thought that would happen.


Then, in a wild turn of events, 30 year Democrat bribe-taker Jefferson is beaten in the general election by a Republican! Not just any Republican beat Jefferson, no, no, no. A young Republican named Anh Cao put Jefferson’s career out to pasture. They say it was due to a low turnout during a second hurricane. Damn that George Bush!


The Jefferson criminal case has finally inched towards trial since 2007 after numerous attempts by his lawyers to have all the charges thrown out. This week the jury got the case.


The jury spent some time last week picking a foreman and listening to instructions from Judge T.S. Ellis who is billed as a no-nonsense judge even though he graduated from Harvard in 1969. Judge Ellis made an interesting comment about Harvard having devolved into a cloistered society which only serves to keep its students away from the general public while imparting little knowledge. This comment was sparked by the revelation in court that some of William Jefferson’s ill-gotten gains went towards a Harvard education for his daughter. I wonder if Professor Gates teaches the young Jefferson daughter? It’s a small world.


Judge Ellis makes comments like this all the time. Maybe he is the real deal. In any case, I thought it might be worth a mention in some news outlet besides the local papers. Oh well, a Sarah Palin ethics charge of wearing a snowmobile logo on a jacket this case is not. This is about a crooked Democrat congressman who carts off suitcases of money on an FBI tape and stashes that bribe in his freezer. Remember that? Like a true liberal he had it in a veggie burger box.


Remember the legend of George Bush who, with a wave of his hand, brought down a hurricane on New Orleans, as the city’s brave mayor fought back from a luxury hotel? (He was re-elected by grateful citizens for his heroic efforts.) It was this same natural disaster which showed Congressman Jefferson astride a National Guard vehicle driving through the dark and dangerous Republican floodwaters valiantly rescuing his $10,000.00 freezer enhanced bribe from potential looters. THAT was cool TV news.


At long last we have Congressman Jefferson involved in a trial I find interesting. This trial should be as interesting as all the New Jersey Democrat Party politicians being hauled off in a bus to their various indictments – groundbreaking.


Did you know our Democrat bribe-taker is being tried for the Federal offence of attempting to bribe a foreign leader? This is groundbreaking stuff as well. US Congressman Jefferson was involved in a scheme to promote telecommunications in Africa - an international crook.


I will scour the papers for more info on Democrat Congressman William Jefferson’s groundbreaking international bribery trial just in case Sarah Palin gets caught in tape forgetting to leave a tip at a restaurant or jaywalking. I want to be fair and balanced.