Tax And Spend Comes To An End?

Death books, death panels, euthanasia, written plans for sending the elderly to their great reward to save tax dollars, its all we hear about any more.


Liberal Democrats are caught red handed in a situation they may not be able to lie their way out of. I think their best bet is to hang on until 2010 and hope citizen anger has peaked or will have by then.


But I doubt that the waiting game will work. And after all, we are all waiting and itching for change.


In the mean time:


MILLIONS – at least 32 million, of American seniors will not get a COLA raise in Social Security for the next two years because of how the “entitlement” was written. That little drawback should go down well with a motivated voting block of Americans.


Imagine Congress trying to find a way around not giving automatic COLA’s? Some liberal Democrat will conjure up a loophole to buy more elderly votes. That simple act itself will expose just how bankrupt Social Security is.


And speaking of bankrupt, I read that some 49% of Americans want out of Social Security.


Simply put, almost half of Americans polled want out of a system that is going bankrupt twice as fast as we thought it was just a short year ago. How perfect the timing.


The bankruptcy of SS will make death panels in Obama’s fuzzy-worded health care scheme look like free gubment cheese day. Democrats will have to invent the “Cash for Bunkers Program” for themselves when the two worlds of “I want out” and “I want more” collide with the reality of, “Uncle Sam ain’t got nothin left.”


So don’t get too worked up about death panels, death books and such. They have existed, do exist and always will with any national health plan. That debate is over.


The coming collision of the haves and have had enough’s is on its way – with super majority numbers of liberal Democrats in charge in our state and in DC.


Surely they will know how to fix the mess they created.