Traitors Will Not Be Shopped

This Mackey guy who runs Whole Foods is in hot water over an OP Ed he wrote about health care reform – or was it health insurance reform - for the Wall Street Journal. Mackey’s business is being boycotted, a form of financial torture, by the hard left.


It seems uber-liberal businessman Mackey owns a series of religious temples known as Whole Foods stores where vegans and other tofu-enhanced lefties rub boney elbows and grin at each other as they purchase their politically correct goat cheese yogurt ylang ylang shampoo.


I went to an organic foods store in Santa Fe once because it was the only place within walking distance to where I was staying. I have seen this unreality show and its puppets first hand. I know moonbats when I see them and an organic food temple draws moonbats faster and thicker than a Borders Book Store ever could. Practitioners of veganism, socialism, and communitarianism take a break from yoga classes every so often and do some whor-shopping amongst their own kind. Here is what I noticed:


1.  Blank, unfocused stares from eyes set in a head cocked to the side. It is like they are delighted but somehow puzzled from shopping healthy.

2.  A rather unhealthy complection on some of the acolytes. But to be fair Santa Fe isn’t known for attractive women.

3. Earth tones, bicycle pants, hiking shorts, small faded-appropriately caps, and occasional blonde dreadlocks, tidy beards and wire rimmed glasses are popular.

4. The bag boy wraps the offering and cradles it tenderly as a newborn when he hands it over in a slump-shouldered act of submission to the higher order of buckwheat-mango nacho chip mix.


When a collection of moonbat organicistas get mad at a fellow liberal like Mr. Mackey as they are for the WSJ article, it is important for normal people figure out exactly what directed their always just under the skin seething moonbat anger at, in this case, a keeper of a liberal shrine.


Here we go. I did the work for you.


Mackey defined in his WSJ article several very effective ways to solve our non-existent health care - or was that insurance - manufactured crisis. Here are some of his suggestions:


1. Make high deductible insurance more available

2. Equalize employer and individual insurance tax deducibility. Let individuals deduct non-employer plans and have people buy their own instead of being trapped in an employer’s plan.

3. Tort reform.

4. Transparency.

5.  Medicaid reform (it is going belly up)

6. New IRS tax deductions for donations towards people who do not have health care or insurance.


But this is VERBOTEN! How dare Father Mackey offer up SOLUTIONS to the national moment of crisis liberals have waited for all of their lives. This flies in the face of Alinsky’s Rule #10, the “avoid a constructive alternative” rule. If an organic food store is a temple then Alinsky's Rules are the liberal Bible.


For this transgression some hard left liberals believe leftie Mackey must pay.


So I ask, is it healthy for liberals to eat their own?