The Chapsquiteadick

If there is one thing to learn from Ted Kennedy it’s this:

When your wife is pregnant and you’re out at an extremely remote location with the boys and a few willing chicks who can keep a secret even if one of them gets sort of drowned, make sure the guy pals are mostly lawyers.

Works every time, if you are a liberal Democrat from Massachusetts with a wealthy family the press treats like royalty.

I measure Ted this way. Forget the hype about the US Senate that was just another playground tossed like a bone to this scoundrel.

Here is who Ted Kennedy was:

Ted has a driver who he tells to stay put with the young “ladies” they all hoped to entertain as Ted himself offers to drive one home. She leaves her purse and keys at the hideaway.

He is noticed behind the wheel, pulled over, lights out, with the girl a few minutes later by a local cop on this small island. As the cop walks up to see what is going on Ted speeds off. (Ever try driving with your pants around your ankles?)

The cop, just left in the dust as he walked up to Teddy’s limo just goes about his business as any cop would who was inspecting a suspicious car and was driven away from by a wheel spinning driver late at night. (Typical police work.)

Kerplunk into Pucha Pond and now the real story begins.

Ted Kennedy was just another politician cheating on his pregnant wife until this point.

He gets out of the car. She doesn’t. Now she is a liability to the predetermined political career of liberal royalty.

Ted Kennedy left a 28 year old plaything to drown and everyone knows it.

It was nine hours until he called police and that was only because he saw the police dredging up his car. Local fishermen found the now dead girl who may have spent a few hours under water waiting for our hero to call someone with a conscience.

Nine hours is enough for the booze to wear off.

Ted did not call rescue or police. He did call motel employees to complain about a loud party when he was trying to sleep after he drowned the girl.

He made 17 other calls before he was caught.

The lawyers Teddy was partying with did not call police nor did they tell the other party girls one of them was dead. That would be a mood breaker.

Family and local connections (enablers) went into high panic and developed statements and a plan for Ted to escape prosecution for anything meaningful like involuntary manslaughter.

Ted Kennedy walked away totally free in conscience and body to lead a long career growing government while showering low life voters with gifts from other people’s taxes.

The extra girls at the party never talked, the parents took the cash, the Camelot Klan stood by him, everyone involved has meaningful employment and no one involved ever wrote a serious book.

The judge who let Ted off said at the trial:

He "has already been, and will continue to be punished far beyond anything this court can impose".