Give Us This Day Our Daily Bill

You know what the Democrat Party needs right now more than anything?


They need a new silvery-haired liar with the boldness to just say or do anything and dare opponents to challenge him.


I nominate Bill Clinton. It makes sense.


Clinton wants to be loved and worshipped until the day he dies by throngs of loyal followers who will make excuses for any failure in his personal or political life. In that sense, since he is a liberal Democrat, he is almost there.


Kennedy has left a void in the Democrat world which needs to be filled. But can Clinton somehow get the press to refer to his family as royalty? That gets a bit complicated. Bill is only one generation out of a mobile home in Arkansas.


The Kennedy’s had a sad pack of mistreated women who would be totally subservient to the needs of the clan. There was also some thin linkage to an Irish heritage and the Catholic faith. Don’t forget tons of “hard earned” family booze money.


Poor Bill has Her, and she is busy pretending to be Secretary of State.


If Bill Clinton could find a way to be involved with some huge scandal, maybe ALMOST drown some call girl, or get caught this time on video tape assaulting a female page it would give liberals looking for fresh leadership something to rally around. After a few carefully chosen talking points ginned up by Lanny Davis or Carville in defense of poor Bill’s private life, Democrats would be back on message and maybe get nationalized health care passed.


Bill Clinton could point his boney finger to the sky and roar out the Liberal message any where any time and not miss a beat.


Obama has lost his magic touch.


Bill Clinton smells it. He should make his move.


An added bonus:


It would make Hillary even less relevant than she is now.