It's Saul A Big Mess

You know the problem with Saul Alinsky? Let me tell ya.


Sure, he had a good run with his “Rules for Radicals.” Our current Administration has used his playbook of community organizing for as long as anyone can remember. It transformed American politics, especially inner city politics.


Shout down your opponents!


Ridicule them!


Hold them to a standard they can never achieve!


Make demands on top of demands and get in their faces. That is how liberals get what is theirs in the real world of hard ball politics.


Oh but the tables are turning this August as Congress goes back to visit the hosts of their parasitic practices. Moms and pops, veterans and college students, the young and the old, as well as the financially unstable and the unemployed are there waiting for them at every town hall meeting.


So here is the rub. Alinsky left no playbook for when his community activism scheme blows up in the practitioner’s fat face. Make that fat face Mr. Congressman from ________ fill in the blank.


I like to think of this new paradigm as:


Communist Community Organizers vs. Capitalist Community Organizers.


And to think the acolytes of Obama want you to think this is a minority of professional troublemakers following a plan laid out by the Republican/K Street Consortium.


Hint: If they had a tenth squared of that ability they wouldn’t be on the outside looking in.


Obama, his ACORN community organizers and the unions better be very careful how well they attempt to demonize the Capitalist Community Organizers because right now they are barely organized. I know, a few months ago I looked out into a crowd of over two thousand in Manchester. There were a lot of people pushing baby strollers in that mob.


So what will the American Left do now they are so close to their burning desire for the brass ring of government rationed health care through more expensive single payer insurance?


Will they compromise? CAN they?


Will they invent a new chapter in “Rules for Radicals” for Mr. Alinsky called “How to Survive Rules for Radical Capitalists?”


Or will the Democrat Party nationwide keep taking orders from the loony left running their show?


I do not see this “mob” going away any time soon.


Speaking of “soon,” when is it Social Security goes belly up?