Putt'n The NEW In New Orleans

It’s off to the sidelines for Louisiana Democrat Congressman William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson after a federal jury found him guilty of 11 of 16 charges of corruption etc. The jury did not convict on the Foreign Bribery charges. I thought they might use that as a way to NOT convict but it must have been the VIDEO of Jefferson actually taking the bribe we the public have not seen which did him in.


VIDEO of a Democrat taking a bribe and we have not seen it on TV? Well we must have all been reading Gov. Mark Sanford’s emails to his girlfriend or something else important – right?


As of now The Jefferson story is not on Drudge but Fox had a bit on the verdict. I checked the main stream media and they have some scattered mention the story but seem not to have put any editorializing about how this may hurt Democrats in the next election.


So 18 years in the House, time on some heavy committees, a Harvard Law degree and no mention to speak of about your scamming 400 large in bribes for family and friends?


It doesn’t make a juicy human interest story to point out how a lowly, newcomer to politics Republican with the name Anh Cao now holds the long time Democrat Congressman’s seat?


In any case, it’s CHANGE I can live with.