Obama's Criticizm Bombs

How interesting to watch the left face what it thought it was the master of – civil disobedience.


What to do, what to do.


Fight back, get some union thugs to rough up taxpayers and citizens engaging in politics for the first time? That sounds like a plan.


How about calling never before active citizens and voters mobsters or Nazis, or even Republican plants? I like that move the most.


When you think of it, how ironic that our President believes, or acts like he does, this “rabble” attending meetings and showing how concerned they are that his socialist health care scheme will lead to rationing and government control are undercover Republican operatives.


News flash Obama: Republican operatives do not have the stomach for confrontation. These are REAL people, REAL voters.


And they are going to remember how you reacted for a long, long, time.


With a best friend in White House bomber Bill Ayers, Obama might want to keep his teleprompter from criticizing Tea party activists.