Cash for Clunkers, what an admirable idea, free money given away by politicians.


I can up the ante and do our world, by goodness the planet, maybe even the universe, a huge service.


Here is my idea:


Cash for REAL Clunkers.


How about trading in that old oil guzzler - your house, for a mobile home, nothing is more efficient than a mobile home.


The average detached, single family home in America is about 2,500 square feet. The average mobile home is about 1,000 square feet.


The average size of a dwelling in America has increased in the last ten years or so using up much more heating and cooling energy than ever, as opposed to automobiles which have been getting better and better mileage for the last twenty years.


Let’s take Obama’s economic guru/czar Timmy Geithner. He can not sell his house. Why not offer him an incentive to buy a mobile home!


In our new world of overeducated Harvard lay-abouts who have never held a real job, controlling how we peons drive back and forth to work to pay the taxes that keep them from starving, I think this Cash for REAL Clunkers idea is an idea who’s time has come.


You know those canyons the Hollywood crowd lives in, the canyons that turn to mud or burn up every other year? How about mobile homes for those elites? If the canyon burns up or slides away there will be less debris to clean up. Just hook onto the hitch with a crane, drag the smashed or burned unit to a recycling center and plop down a new one.


Elites LOVE to drive a Prius around to save the planet, how about doing the universe a big favor and go all the way.


I would like to see an environmentally aware community in New Hampshire show the rest of the world how to live.


Let’s get a majority of voters in some town to adopt town wide single family zoning consisting of mobile homes only – and with a maximum lot size, NOT a minimum lot size. Two acres - that is all you get. Instead of telling some blue collar worker he can not live on his 1.5 acre lot we could have a MAXIMUM lot size so some “environmentalist” with fifty acres and a 3,000 sq. ft. McMansion can’t deplete the Earth’s dwindling resources.


My idea would save way more oil than Obama’s CfC program.


And an added bonus would be that in all probability not may liberals would want to move to this single family mobile home only, maximum lot size town.


Imagine all the people living life in peace.


You might say I’m a dreamer but this is a much better idea than Cash for Clunkers and it is just as top down communistic.