Thank You Joe Wilson

I hear there was a slight disturbance during Barack Obama’s post election continuing campaign oratory last night. I was watching Man vs. Food or something else more civil and gentile.

A Congressman from South Carolina yelled out “You Lie” to our Liar in Chief and that behavior is not appropriate for such a royal and dignified setting as a joint session of Congress.

This congressman, Wilson, would have been one of my political heroes but he failed the test. He apologized.

But there is hope.

The Democrats in Congress and the American and foreign communists who hand them their Alinsky Rules talking points are going to use this outburst of truth to rally support for Obama? Great!

What this country needs more of is an open dialogue between all parties of what a liar Obama really is. That is a no lose for conservatives and independents.

Obama was trying to sell single-payer government heath care by proposing it can be accomplished by COST SAVINGS! That’s right, the people who rescued New Orleans from Katrina, cashed in clunkers, borrowed and lent billions to bankers to pay bonuses to crooks, and have run us trillions into debt while printing money like toilet paper are going to slash waste and abuse in Medicaid.

Let me guess, that check is in the mail.

Fact check:

Congress is a haven for low life egomaniacs and outright crooks.

Congress has no integrity – it lost any semblance of integrity decades ago.

We are descending into a Third World country.

Yelling liar at a liar in a room full of liars is no big deal.

Next they will be throwing shoes.

Who cares?

Let us have the 2010 election NOW!