One And A Half Million Man March

I just returned to beautiful New Hampshire from the 9/12 Rally.

All you have to do is read the signs people made with their own hands to get an idea of what is really going on in the minds of a majority Americans.

Obama can not say out loud what his real plans for our country are – he may not at this point even have a clue himself since he is still on some dying, quirky campaign trail.

You have to remember Obama has never done anything of substance, held a job, run a company, served in the military, nothing – but marinated himself in the unreal world of Black Nationalism Theology. He has no executive skills and the Democrats that do will not help him now that he is elected, look who he surrounds himself with. He must count on extreme liberal/progressive, and often communist, academics and activists.

But the million and a half patriots who showed up in DC as well as all the other hundreds of independent Tea Parties in the US this weekend know EXACTLY what the problem is – and they can portray their feelings on a poster with ease and in most cases, imagination.

THAT is the story of the march on Washington.

Read the posters.