Shhhh.... Nothing To See Here, Move On

I found several things about the 9/12 Rally in DC to be refreshing, one was the complete and almost total lack of media.

There was a CNN truck set up down by the Capitol from which their reporters tried to get the typical CNN spin out. Apparently, marchers would chant and sing, drowning out the hapless CNN folks - peaceful and effective.

Meanwhile over at the FOX News truck the scene was like a family reunion. People had decorated the truck with signs, posters and well wishes scrawled on anything on which they could write. I watched some women get their picture taken kissing the truck. People were standing in line to be photographed at the truck. Talk about brand recognition. (And when will a SECOND Fox-like news network begin?)

Here is why this is important:

Over a million people showed up at this rally and it was ignored by the major news media, which is exactly what those of us involved with conservative politics have said for decades. These new people attending a political event for the first time will be confronted with and have confirmed through personal experience what the mainstream media has denied at every opportunity.

When I was leaving Reagan Airport Sunday the place was loaded with marchers. By then many of them had heard news reports of tens of thousands and up to 60,000 people showing up for the rally. At the airport CNN was doing a non-stop story about Rep. Joe Wilson and the Earth shattering “You Lie” shout at Obama’s failed joint session of Congress speech.

Saturday was a turning point in American politics and the news coverage was wonderfully non-existent.

Personal experience of this event will change the way people vote and think about politics for the rest of their lives while the Left in this country goes about the business of self destruction. Let them whistle past their graveyard.

Next year’s 9/12 Rally will be even larger if they have one, which I think is a guarantee at this point, and it will come right before a major election. Think about it, millions of new conservative activists not paid-for ACORN zombies marching to the dollars of unions, left wing organizations, and communist billionaires.

LBJ’s swearing in photos show, and police estimate, that crowd to have been about 1.2 million people surrounding the Capitol. Although photos are hard to find, Michelle Malkin’s site has comparative photos of both events. This was bigger.

The failed Johnson Presidency set the stage for a sad liberal course for this country. I think this historic event is a turning point as well and if liberals will not accept that, fine with me.