Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign

The 10am crowd was so thick at 17th and E we couldn’t see a way towards the statue at which we were supposed to meet the “NH Division” of 9/11 marchers, let alone claw our way through to them.

Then we saw the New Hampshire flag, just in time, the marchers were so backed up in Freedom Plaza the event took off early like a great big snake of humanity uncoiling from its confines.

Even I was set back whit the view of the Capitol way off in the distance and a solid sea of marchers before and behind me.

You would walk past small groups singing patriotic songs.

Chants would start up spontaneously, work through the crowd and disappear.

There were many, many, baby carriages and wheel chairs.

A constant as men with military style decorated black hats from the ship they served on in the military.

Small groups from towns or regions across the country marched together as we did with NH marchers.

I talked to some people from the Lehigh Valley of Pa. They came in four buses just from that area alone and said 80 buses left Pa. they knew of.

I stopped to take a photo of one of four Grim Reapers I saw. I told him to look grim for the camera. He said, “Its hard not to smile, my time has almost come.” There was even a Mrs. Grim Reaper wandering around.

The hand made signs were the best.

Figure there were well over a million marchers, which means at least a half millions signs banners, puppets, posters, etc. All of these were hand made not paid for with union or Acorn tax dollars.

Talk about original.

My favorites are the simple ones:

Liar, Liar, Your All fired!

Who’s Czary Now?

Obama Scares Me

Communism = Socialism in a hurry

Some people had puppets with moving parts.

One guy was giving pretty girls plastic star necklaces.

People dressed their walkers for the event.

Interestingly there was almost NOTHING for sale. I bought a button from a lady who hand made them.

There were MAYBE two pretzel venders and a smattering of small push cart drink venders I saw. We even went on a vender run to buy souvenirs but all we found were some small flags.

All in all, people were so friendly it was striking. No trash, not arrests, no incidents I know of but one man I saw who was being helped by several others after falling in the grass.

It was an amazing and an historical experience. I hope everyone who attended writes about it.

And this brings me to:

In November of 2010 after the race-baiting haters of the Left lose their progressive agenda for a generation will they then do some navel gazing as to when in time they lost their last best chance at destroying America.

Will the question be, did we lose it after the 9/12 March or did the April 15 Tea Parties do us in?

Is it time to admit it was a disastrous election in November 2008 that ruined the Democrat Party?