This Makes Seance

Osama Bin Laden, long dead, has delivered another VOICE message from the grave through a taped 11 minute rant about our Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama.

Confused yet?

Yes, since Obama was killed in Afghanistan by American bombing years ago his annual 9/11 messages to America come with a still PICTURE and audio.

What will this administration do now that a dead Osama has called out a diminishing Obama?

I know, how about having Congress CENSURE Osama. That should scare the sheets off him.

Congress doesn’t have enough on its plate already with the most important issue of the day – Rep Joe Wilson calling Obama what he is, a liar, at the joint session of Corruption, we need to show this warlord a thing or two.

I say we line up a gang of America’s finest Congressmen and talk him to death again from the baloney pulpit in DC.

What was Obama’s plan for Afghanistan again?

I need a progressive to explain it for me.