Tea-bagger Marriage

What do you do when your political, moral, and ethical, opponent gives you a club, or in this case, a label, to spank him with?

You graciously accept it. And I suggest we do this with the “tea-bagger” label meant as a slur against traditional family oriented citizens opposed to the multiple partner and same sex marriage issues so important to progressives in NH because of all the out of state political donations it brings in to feed their other causes such as broad based taxes.

Tea-bagger marriage - what a perfect example of where we are politically in America.

Liberals felt that affixing a label associated with specific homosexual acts would cheapen their conservative opponent’s position in some way and hurt the family issues movement so solidly opposed to redefining family structure in our country.

That feeling was as many feelings the left has good for one brief injection of pleasure in seeing some conservatives squirm. But as time goes on it appears liberals should have thought the process through a bit more, as they should with just about every issue they support

As the tired cry of racist has worn thin so has the label tea-bagger when it is associated with Tea Party activists, traditional family supporters, and other conservatives.But Tea-bagger Marriage gives one a minds eye snapshot of exactly what the homosexual/transgender/who knows what else, movement is really about.

I welcome my liberal, progressive, Democrat Party, and other moon bat friends into the world of tea-bagging discussions.

When a pro-family advocate or Tea Party Patriot is called a “tea-bagger” and someone not enlightened in the giddy world of homosexual slang and activities, say a 12 year old, asks what a tea-bagger is just tell them to ask your Congressperson DEMOCRAT Carol Shea-Tea-Porter-Bagger. Or write a letter to the DEMOCRAT party Chair tea-bagger for an answer.


Now we have a common “bi-partisan” (no pun intended) issue - Tea-bagging.


Thank you Democrat Party for opening a dialogue.