Introducing Rep. Carol She-Tea-Bagger-Porter

Rep. Carol She-Tea-Bagger-Porter is a Congresswoman from New Hampshire.

Yes, Rep. She-Tea-Bagger-Porter is fighting for us now that She-Tea-Bagger-Porter holds the dignified position of Representative to the US Congress.

And if you like your fighting to include references to opponents as “tea-baggers,” a slang homosexual term, well She-Tea-Bagger-Porter is the gal for you.

Ignore the fact that some of the people She-Tea-Bagger-Porter labeled with the homosexual slur might have been uninformed enough to have voted for her in past elections, they can just go and get over it. What She-Tea-Bagger-Porter was really doing was trying to give her political opponents a good old fashioned kick in the soft tissue because…she does not have a clue as to what any health care plan Democrats have accepted from attorney lobbyists looks like.  (Clue: There is no plan) You have to almost feel sorry for her.

This is her simple-minded way of changing the subject to something she has a bit more experience at, attacking those who disagree with her – in a slimy fashion of course.

My favorite part of this new attention getting technique is the part where Rep. She-Tea-Bagger-Porter claims to have no idea what a “tea-bagger” is. Suddenly she ain’t so hip?

She could ask her Democrat Party Chairman. He uses the same homosexual slur all the time. (He actually gets quite giddy about it.)

How about a Democrat tea-bagger press conference? We could clear the air and have Rep. She-Tea-Bagger-Porter and the NH Democrat Party Chair read a Wikipedia definition of tea-bagging.

Repetition is the path to success, ask Saul Alinsky, the community organizer who wrote the good book of bad things to do political opponents. I think this comes under “isolate and ridicule.” It seems to be working rather well. Democrat poll numbers are right where I want them.