Teleprompter Rattling

Iran has a secret complex to build a nuclear bomb? Who would have guessed that would possibly be true.

But President Obama has France and Great Briton to back him up in a bold press conference sure to quell any fears about, say Iran not only building A-Bombs (forgive the quaint reference to thermo-nuclear device but Obama has a similar quaint notion of a world without such nasties) and giving them to small, organized terror groups to use on their own.

As the status of the United States as a bully super power is being dealt with by the Obama Administration’s academics, progressives, communists, and other moonbats, Obama now feels the need to take on an insane terror supporting nation?

Obama has “advisors” as well as czars one of whom, Zbigniew Zabinski, recently suggested shooting down Israeli jets should they cross Iraq air space on their way to bomb such secret facilities. (Israel is an American ally in case you didn't know.)

Lucky for us citizens of the US we have such an experienced leader in the White House with so many quality people on board his administration.