Van, We Hardly Knew Ya!

What a loss!

Obama’s favorite communist environmentalist, Van Jones, has resigned as an Obama Administration Czar.

They sure don’t make lefties like they used to. I can’t remember a real American communist giving up so easily as this guy.

Van Jones could have stuck it out and gone down with the Obama ship of state but he resigned in the face of some simple questions from an insane right wing attack show host – the diminutive and milk toast warrior, Glen Beck.

What gives?

Maybe the Chicago Communists are slightly weaker in substance then the one world kind I am used to.

Former bad ass ballet dancer Rahm Emanuel is missing in action after the election, since his embroilment in the Senate seat selling scandal.

David Axelrod is looking more like Axel-Rove – except he is a stuttering fool in comparison - not a good image for a president’s one man brain trust.

Reverend Wright has clammed up.

The goofy Obama minister with the race baiting poetry prayer during the inauguration is under a rock.

Obama pal Tony Rezko was convicted of some of the same Chicago graft as Bagojevich – stuff Obama was involved in as a State Senator like the Illinois Certificate of Need Board payoffs.

A whole host of Obama Czars are liberal intellectuals who have lost any touch with reality. Van Jones set them up like bowling pins for Beck.

I don’t know, isn’t it a natural reflex these days to, when you hear Obama’s name, look at your watch and think, “Is he still around?”