BING! Round Two: Polito Can't Respond To The Bell - TKO

Last January I was asked to help our guys in Atkinson navigate their dysfunctional deliberative session by sitting in on the action with them.

Remember the Moderator, Frank Polito, the guy who stopped the CNHT photographer from taking pictures for us?

He resigned today as Atkinson Moderator. (That is a good thing for everyone.)

This may make things in that little hamlet a tad less hammy. Me thinks the ego over took the position.

I any case, here is a reminder of the guy who while being filmed by local cable access, decided he would make our photographer, Gary Brownfield, stop taking photographs – there is some logic in there somewhere I just can’t figure it out.

Chief Consentino may be next?


Watch the moderator invite the other attendees to join him in violating 91:A by voting to prevent one person from his right to record the meeting while allowing others.

The mere act of recording the meeting is allowed by law and thus cannot be considered a disruption.