New Hampsachusetts(e) Revolution

Conventional wisdom, a funny thing it is.

I have heard for decades how Massachusetts(e) immigrants to NH are ruining this state with their liberal attitudes.

I find that some of our best taxpayer activists here in NH have Ma. roots and want no part of Ma. Style politics up here so they work to preserve the New Hampshire Advantage, often much more than the natives.

This brings me to the next point.

Can we count on the former Massachusetts(e) residents to help us stage a Scott Brown type revolution in November this year? I think we can.

Here are some reasons:

Our beloved governor has been shown to be as much of an empty suit as Democrat President Barry Soetoro.

The Democrat budget deficit this biennium is something like $100 million and we will start the next budget in a staggering $600 million Democrat created abyss.

There was an attempt to steal money from NH doctors in a fund to cover catastrophic expenses.

NH is borrowing money to pay for its share of bond payments for school construction – in essence, paying off a credit card with another credit card.

Empty suit, reckless spending, unnecessary borrowing and taxes, taxes, taxes – sound familiar?

I know health care “reform” is a big issue with voters. They want this “reform” stopped at all cost. It’s safe to say Democrat Congressman Hodes will not be going back to DC as a Harry Reid obeying US Senator, but how much more House and Senate cleaning will Ma. transplanted voters do here in New Hampshire?

If you are a liberal/progressive in New Hampshire and you are happy with the moonbats now in office it may be time to ease the blue tinted glasses off and take a hard look.

Many lefties now in office ran on “change” and will now have to explain to the public what they have been doing for two years.

My guess – they can’t.