Slippery Saul Took A Fall

What was it Saul Alinsky said progressives should do after they get their ass handed to them?

Why, he didn’t have a chapter on Rules for Loser Radicals, did he?

My bet is President Barry Soetoro will plunge ahead with his destructive agenda regardless of reality – and that makes me very encouraged for 2010-2012 elections.

Could “The One” have a way to community organize himself out of this mess? Not a chance, I think.

He looks very alone all of a sudden. And when that happens, other voices become much easier to hear. But President Barry will not hear the reasonable voices.

President Barry has not surrounded himself with the best of czars by any stretch of the imagination so I would assume there are some quiet DC insider meetings going on as we speak. But these secret meetings will not include Barry’s Chicago mob. Old Washington hands will nudge Barry along as well as the far, far, left. The end result should be something very unlike what America voted for yesterday.

Let the anonymous Tea Party Patriots grow in confidence and without leadership to attack.

And for goodness sake let the progressives and the media shove health reform through any desperate way they can. Let’s call it the Trillion Dollar Fuse.

But in the mean time:

If the Democrats who remain in that party can take advantage of the party infighting now and remove the Marxist, Socialist, Moonbat left from leadership they could win back their seat at the table. There should be time in the next three years for average Americans to get motivated and vote in reasonable, small government, constitutionally aware, low tax candidates who can clean up Washington, and maybe, if we are lucky, build something even the Republicans can not screw up.

America will be insolvent in five or six years so its not like we can't find motivation.