I Thought She Was Just A Teabagger Expert

Shea-Porker has made some news! She is on Drudge this morning involved in a gender equality workshop she delivered at some location, mostly made of women I suppose.

And what does this mean?

Its time to trot out the Shea-Porker Defense League, or as it is also known – moonbats defending moonbats.

There is probably a good reason Carol Shea-Porker has stepped in it again. I can think of a few:

1. She ain’t too flippin bright.

2. Someone had to hold the seat that should have gone to Gary Dodds.

3. Carol wants bloggers to keep busy deconstructing moonbat psycho-babble.

4. Representative Shea-Porker needed to bring some sanity to the health care debate

5. It’s a woman’s right to choose to look like a fool.