Flier, Flier, Pants On Fire

Four years ago I was in Tel Aviv during Yam Kippur and on the way home through airport security I had a young lady in a casual uniform ask me to open my bags, which had just gone through a scanner.

She said, “You have oil and salt in your bags, please open them.”

Damned if I didn’t have several gifts for the waitresses and owner of a local diner I haunt. There was Dead Sea bath salt and virgin olive oil we picked up at a local market behind the David Hotel.

No doubt I match an image of “typical American tourist” but you have to give credit where credit is due. That imaging machine called it right through my unopened luggage and the security staff knew exactly what to do.

Now enter the Barry Soetoro Administration which has just flunked its own version of a “full body scan”. Or is that a “full Monty scan”?

Say we invest a couple billion in see through your daughter’s clothes technology. Who’s to say anyone will use it in any more serious fashion than the examination Mr. Panty Bomber suffered?

Hey, how about them dangerous shipping containers Soetoro was always talking about on the campaign trail? Want to bet we still inspect only 2% or so of those?

President Barry is going grey worrying about my health care while we are back to having Islamic terrorists killing and attempting to kill Americans on our own soil. These recent terrorist, by he way, both stuck out of a crowd as much as anyone with a florescent camo hunting coat would.

The year 2010 is the beginning of what will be several cycles of sending grownups back to Washington and Statehouses all over this country – there is no turning Barack now.