One For You That Came from Me To Give To The Guy Behind The Tree.

There is being circulated in the Town of Raymond a citizens petition to abolish the Con-servation Commission.

Let me sum it up in a word: Yippeee!

Here’s another: About time! (Technically that is two words but what do words mean, really?)

Speaking of the meaning of words, isn’t that how the Raymond Con-servation Commission endeared itself to so many in town? They were the driving farce behind the effort to “donate” $75,000.00 to an out of town  non-profit conservation corporation in exchange for, what was it?

Oh, I remember, nothing but a useless “executory interest” contract – whatever that is, and a boat load of legal bills for an already “conserved” piece of land in town. (Do I hear chainsaws in the distance?)

They might of got nut’n fo somf’n, but at least they got plenty of it.

How about those greenies, nobody wastes greenbacks like they do.

Raymond taxpayers, throw the bums out!