Charlie Bass Under Attack By Dirty Foreign Cash

List under: “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

Planned Parenthood is paying for television ads against Charlie Bass!

Charlie is being attacked by this multinational, billion dollar corporation in the last days of the campaign when it would be difficult to track where all their money comes from.

Democrats like to talk about foreign money influencing elections - so here goes:

Planned Parenthood of America belongs to the international baby slaughterhouse, IPPF, which secures grants from countries all over the world and has since 1952.

Here is a brief description of their sad history from their web site:

IPPF was formed in 1952 at the Third International Conference on Planned Parenthood in Bombay, India.

It was the result of campaigning by a handful of brave and angry women, including Margaret Sanger from America, Elise Ottesen-Jensen from Sweden and Dhanvanthi Rama Rau from India, who were imprisoned for their assertion that women had the right to control their own fertility.

They were determined to work with different cultures, traditions, laws and religious attitudes to improve lives for women around the world.

National family planning associations from eight countries formed the new Federation, including:

Hong Kong





United Kingdom

United States

West Germany


So now Planned Parenthood is using money from foreign sources (see: Democrat whining about the US Chamber of Commerce) to campaign in the US?

And they think it is wise to attack our own Charlie Bass?

They may be “wise and angry” but it ain’t too smart.