All The "Courage" Kuster Could Muster Was To Lie About Her Support Of An Income Tax?

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Annie Kuster Doesn’t Have Any COURAGE After All.

Charlie Bass laid a spanking on progressive congressional wanna-be Annie Kuster in a debate last night with the time honored question: Do you support an income tax for New Hampshire?

And she said NO.


Annie Kuster was part of the 1999 pro-income tax lobby group, Courage and Leadership PAC.

Maybe now it is all in the definition of the words - income tax, or the tricky word – support that Annie stumbled over. That has to be it.

For all of her preening pre-candidate career and in every genome in her body Annie Kuster has always been an income tax supporter – until she is in a televised debate with Charlie Bass.

Annie Kuster supports an income tax because she is a big government liberal.

Annie Kuster supports an income tax because she knows it will lead to a never ending supply of other people’s money to spend on social engineering through the power of the state.

In fact, Annie Kuster supports an income tax soooooooooooooooo much she is willing to lie about it.