Party Animals

Am I missing something in the Bass - Kuster race?

Shouldn’t we have seen a full page ad of “Republicans for Kuster” by now?

You know the same old faces - so called Republicans who never seem to be happy with any Republicans on a ballot – especially if they do not meet a liberal litmus test.

Well unless it slid past me I have not seen the October Non-Surprise.

Does this mean Annie Kuster is too liberal for “Republican” Walter Peterson?

If liberal Republicans are not taking out ads endorsing liberal Democrat Annie Kuster do they have a feeling she is going to lose and they would look foolish like they did endorsing John Kerry and his running (around on his wife) mate John Edwards?

Lynch has some “Republican/opportunist” support this time but it isn’t very influential – Joel Me-ola, former Gregg guru. Big deal.

Has anyone seen the “Republicans for Kuster” list?

It must be out there some where or this isn’t your standard second district race.