Charlie Bass Deserves A Hug

Charlie Bass was recently subjected to one of the most humiliating political "debates" I have ever seen.

So this is what you have when a liberal Republican family raises a left-wing Democrat who thinks she is ready for political prime time.

Has anyone seen the NHPR debate Charlie Bass was dragged into with Annie Kuster? I was skipping cable channels and hit on it last night.

I now have a new and profound respect for Mr. Bass. He had to sit next to an overstuffed liberal who came armed with what I would have to call “smirking points” for lack of them meeting the slim qualifications of your standard political talking points.

Liberal/progressive Annie Kuster did not only fail to answer numerous soft ball questions – she failed to comprehend most of them. She was, in a word, childlike, in her grinning attempt to portray Charlie Bass in any demeaning manner she could tag to her short list of “blame it on Bush and Bass” responses. She even dragged Newt Gingrich out for a spanking. Why not John Tower of Jessie Helms?

Think about it. Kuster, as far as I know, was on the Board of Directors of NHPR so they should know she isn’t the brightest bulb in the new mercury-laden environmental  pack. And still she could not help looking completely out of touch, spouting off about our tortured planet.

Even the Manchester Paper guy asking questions passed her a freebie with a question about what exactly the minimum wage should be.

Remember: the minimum wage is a hot button wedge issue Democrats themselves are trying to use nationally to show Republicans are heartless corporate shills because they believe the minimum wage is a wage trap for the poor and a drag on business.

Charlie Bass, to his credit, said we should let every business set a minimum wage as conditions command and when pressed said leave it at what it is.

Her Moonbatness said it wasn’t enough for a family to live on (which it isn’t intended to do) but smirked it should be much more.

The Manchester Paper guy didn’t press for a perfect minimum wage number from Kuster – which he should have. He let her off blissfully unaware of how stupid she would have looked saying $50.00 per hour or some such thing.

It is one of those gifts which some people have, which I do not – the ability to sit next to an absolute crack-pot posing as someone smarter and better than you without taking a good shot back.

I commend Charlie for keeping to the high road throughout this stunt NHPR was posing as a debate. It could not have been easy.

To think that Annie Kuster is a serious candidate Democrats chose to run in this election is to show how out of sync they are with what is going on in this country.