Democrat Sen. Betty Lasky - Tax and Spender

They say any publicity is good publicity so a photo on the front page of the Manchester paper Dr. Lasky stealing his wife’s opponent’s campaign signs is a good thing.

Maybe Dr. Lasky was headed to Kathy Sullivan’s house on Mammoth Rd. in Manchester with the Republican signs he snatched.  That location used to be ground zero for non-residents stealing political signs. At least in Dr. Lasky we have a genuine New Hampshire Democrat resident stealing signs this year - a step up.

Who cares about some old political signs anyway, except the Democrat Party Chair, the lowest form of life on any political planet, who specializes in the now passé art of the last minute smear campaign.

Exposing State Senator Betty Lasky’s husband as a low-life unable to handle his emotions is a plus in the world of liberal progressives – he now qualifies as a VICTIM.

Poor Dr. Lasky, unable to control himself, was left with no other alternative but to uproot an opponent’s signs.

One question: Didn’t Elliot go to the Democrat campaign school where they teach “Putting A Democrat Sign Right In Front Of An Opponent’s Sign 101”?

How long has Dr. Lasky been married to a very important liberal Democrat tax and spender?

I thought he would have that trick down by now.