Politics Makes Strange War Heroes

Voters in Connecticut just voted into the US Senate a man, Dick Blumenthal, who repeatedly lied about being a Viet Nam veteran. I thought I would look up what Tricky Dicky was up to on Veteran’s Day right after his stunning Democrat victory.

Here is what I found from new sources:

On Veteran’s day U.S. Sen.-elect Richard Blumenthal visited the Quinnipiac University School of Law to take part in a student organized event involving the Veterans Affairs claim process and careers in the field.

Hmmmmm, seems harmless enough, Senator-elect Blumenthal acknowledged that law students should be familiar with the V.A. claims process. That’s pretty patriotic.

Since Blumenthal received multiple deferments during his “tour of duty” in Viet Nam and never really went to that country or any other during his combat missions collecting Toys for Tots, I wondered who might have been there with him - fighting side by side.

Then I saw, right here on NHInsider.com, a Veteran’s Day statement from old tunnel rat and Viet Nam hero, Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley!

Even though Buckley was still in school and barely a teenager he was, according to what he told Gold Star Mother Deborah Lee on a visit to NH, a Viet Nam Vet.

Now I can not make fun of either of these veterans of an overseas engagement in combat because in the world of liberal politics it is not really a lie to say such things when they didn’t happen.

Rather it is part of an eagerly accepted Democrat process of saying what one needs to say to get elected or help other liberals get elected.