Alas Poor Rangel, I Knew Him Well

The United States Congress dug up the skull of court jester Charlie Rangel with their limp censure vote, in all likelihood putting an end to this embarrassing, almost Shakespearian, puzzle of what to do with a crook the rules have been set up to protect.

Or so they think.

Dutifully, the main stream media will gently sweep this chapter of the court jester’s life under the rug of how he was a war hero and did great things for the people trapped in his district.

Thank you to all the congressmen who left him in the lime-light, or should I say “tea-light” until 2011.

Rangel, like Barney Frank, is what you get from gerrymandered districts after a few decades.

Rangel and Frank, like Pelosi and Reid, will serve as an inspiration to voters in other states to NOT send them any more like-minded accomplices.

When your political opponents are highly visible clowns and jesters in small minorities it pays to leave them there and celebrate their existence.