Non-Resident Voters to Non-Resident Law Firms - Where Will Liberals Go Next?

“Pragmatic progressives” otherwise known as socialists, liberals, communists, intellectuals, moonbats, and in New Hampshire – an endangered species, need an organization of their own to compete with the fledgling conservative, pro-family, small government, free-market, personal responsibility organizations like Cornerstone Action, Americans for Prosperity, and Americans for Job Security.

So says some Democrat loud-mouthpiece in a pro-Democrat gossip article someone sent to me the other day.

So look out for a new 501 ( c ) 4 organization to spread the truth (as far as moonbats feel it) about far left candidates and far left issues in time for the next election.

I have a reason for concern, as any citizen involved with politics opposed to unbridled spending, borrowing to pay operating costs, bankrupting NH, taxing people out of their homes, letting non-residents vote, or stripping Second Amendment rights.

Tucked away in the article about the new, laughably redundant, “progressive” truth non-profit was the name of a Democrat law firm in Washington, DC named Perkins and Coie.

This firm is, I would assume, very expensive. So why would my party, the Democrats, want to pay for a job as simple as setting up a non-profit political organization?

What, we have extra money to waste?

No New Hampshire law firm working with Democrats can write up a simple 501 ( c ) 4?

Or did we see a mention of Perkins and Coie as a subtle threat to all things conservative and pro-family in NH?

Take a brief look on Google regarding Perkins and Coie and their associates stalking of Governor Sarah Palin in Alaska. She was the subject of some 26 phony ethics charges and investigations brought simply to make negative news and use up all of her and her family’s personal savings and income.

Is that what NH “progressives” have in store for New Hampshire after their $600 million dollar spending deficit was exposed – bring phony charges against those who beat them in the political arena?

Is THIS what Democrats want their donations to the far left losers at the Democrat headquarters spent on?

This leaves some questions to be answered:

1. Have the left-wing leaders of the Democrat Party resigned themselves to the fact they have lost all but a handful of seats for state office leaving phony accusations and frivolous lawsuits the only way to have a say in the political process from now on? That’s what it looks like.

2. Has it occurred to the moonbat brains behind the most recent Democrat campaign to scare seniors with the claim, Republicans in the NH House and Senate will take away your Social Security and Medicare, has run its ugly course?

3. Are losing Democrat candidates happy with the materials sent out by the main office who gathered up all their donations for a top-down “expertly” run state effort which was nothing more than the same, decades old scream of scandal and loss of government subsidies ploy? Didn’t a few Democrats want to run on issues, their experience and ability, instead of another fear-mongering campaign?

4. Aren’t there enough fully funded liberal think tanks and issue advocate organizations in NH? Ever hear of Endowment for Health, public employee organizations, NPR, NH Charitable Foundation, etc, etc?

5. Trumped up scandal didn’t work on Charlie Bass, Frank Guinta or Kelly Ayotte no matter how hard NH Democrat experts well versed in these things tried. So a DC law firm can do it better just because it will be expensive?

Could it be this new DC centered, probably Soros funded, non-profit will try to sue activists from NH non-profits out of the political arena by bankrupting them as they tried in Alaska with Sarah Palin?

Well, bring it on, I guess.

The plan didn’t work with Sarah Palin. In fact, it made her even more of a national figure.

My bet is that our New Hampshire activists are made of stuff as stern as Sarah Palin and New Hampshire voters will quickly see what is going on.