And Chandler Called For A Unanimous Vote...

A week ago or so I noticed a dust-up regarding Rep. Gene Chandler and the story he was going to use Democrat votes to win the House Speaker position over Rep. Bill O’Brien.

This seemed rather odd to me as I did not feel Gene Chandler would do such a thing, but the story had legs and fury, for a short time.

Now we see that in a very close election for Speaker, Gene Chandler did the honorable thing and requested a unanimous vote – in essence, healing the media wound.

I have not done a lot of research on this issue but suspect the original source for the “Chandler is going to side with Democrats (what’s LEFT of them) and steal the Republican Speaker spot”.

Might I suggest the original source was a plant meant to cause friction where there was none?

When you have a large majority in a body like the House there is little the minority and their friends in the media can do to stop “change” from rolling them over.

I’m not taking any bait from any sources I do not trust.

And I thank Rep. Chandler for doing the right thing in the Speaker election.

Now on to a systematic dismantling of the crap and debt we have had to put up with from Lynch, the liberal/progressive/moonbat Democrats, and their media pals.