Come Back Carol!!

Oh please let it be true.

May the winds of political fortune carry this wind-bag back to New Hampshire for a new chapter in "Why Carol Che-Porter Was Booted From Office."

Can you see her popping up in NH whenever more than three voters show up for an event spouting what she would or wudda done! How can that circus ever get old?

Same bad haircut - same liberal agenda: tax and spend, and borrow and (ooooops, she didn't get re-elected, by 12 points).

Just having her glom onto the next Democrat primary seat for anything DC'ish makes tingles run down my leg. (Thanks Chris Matthews for that description.)

Carol Che-Porter has one campaign style - nasty. Let her use that underwhelming techique on her own kind in the next Democrat primary. No one else gets a shot at winning a liberal/progressive/moonbat seat in Congress as long as she has hot air left in her body.

Hey Carol, Shaheen is looking pretty tired don't ya think?