Comrad Bernie

In an insatiable quest for total control of the lives, future and fortune of every American in this country, Vt. and NY’s US Senator Bernie Sanders had this to say:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), said "greed is like an addiction" and compares it to heroin and nicotine. "This reckless uncontrollable greed is like a disease," Sanders said.

Sanders asks, how can anyone be proud to call themselves a "multimillionaire?"

Well, power is intoxicating as well, or why would Bernie Sanders get up in front of the cameras in the Senate chambers for eight hours and slobber an almost pitch perfect Big Apple accent through a meaningless filibuster?

If anyone is an example of an addiction it is Bernie Sanders, a Marxist who caucuses with the socialists in the Democrat Party.

Bernie Sanders willful misunderstanding of multimillionaires is almost equal to his love for the politics of division, hatred of freedom, and quest for power.

He is one of the bright shining faces of the liberal left.