Just A Few Thoughts

If some liberal/progressive/socialists such as Michael Moore think what the Wikileaks guy has done is admirable, why not hire him to, say, keep track of their finances. Help the fella out and give him a job already.

I wonder if Christmas is the favorite time of year for people who hate Christmas because it's the one time of year they can express themselves regarding how much they hate Christmas? How big a loser is someone who finds it imperative to let everyone who will listen, know how much they hate Christmas?

If Democrats control both Houses of Congress, why not just meet in the last two weeks of December and ram all the spending and borrowing through without printing it and spare the public 11 months of bull crap?

What if The TIME "Person of the Year was awarded to who earned it - Fox News? How would that fair and balanced spin work.

When America goes bankrupt, will we have to redefine the word bankrupt so we can start doing the same thing over again, or will we be really, really bankrupt? Maybe Uncle Sam could commandeer all the lottery tickets in the country and collect the winnings for himself. THAT would be a fresh start.

Is Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel's fat ass still living in four rent controlled apartments? I think so.

Shouldn't a person's investment strategy of holding gold include a percentage of brass and lead as well?