Next Trip, I'm Going Drone

Homeland Security was all over the crash of a Mexican government drone aircraft in El Paso, Texas this week and returned it to the rightful owners – the Mexican Government, whoever that is.

Story here:

Now let me get this straight.

I have a five dollar snow globe in my travel bag while getting on a plane in Manchester, NH and the TSA confiscates it. But an aerial drone belonging to Mexico is handed over, no questions asked, in a crackerjack amount of time. How is that done?

A Mexican official answered the phone? “Hey, this is America, Mexico, we have your drone. How fast can we get it back to you?”

Was this a military drone or some municipal drone? Because we are calling it a “Mexican government” drone for lack of a sticky definition, like who really owned it.

My bet is that it was NOT a “Mexican,” read: Mexican Government, drone or we wouldn’t have to read such a shabby story. There would have been some goofy cover story.

It was probably a drone belonging to some Mexicans who run that part of Mexico.

That sounds plausible because they would want to be looking at us - they already know where they are and what they are doing.