Evan Nappen, NH's Second Amendment Secret Weapon

I guess you have heard about the innocent NJ man, Brian Aitken, who was jailed for possessing politically incorrect guns - that didn't even look especially scary.

Well, he has been freed by the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, correcting an injustice brought on by people in government positions afflicted with that persistent human disease - liberal-think.

Chris Christie is a real governor who uses his position as it was meant to be used, without all the political CYA.

NH Attorney Evan Nappen, also a Director of Pro-Gun NH, (www.PGNH.org) is the guy you want in your corner in any dust-up involving an American citizen's right to keep and bear arms.

Our little governor should take a long look at what Evan Nappen and Gov. Chris Christie have done in New Jersey and do the right thing here. This would set another innocent man free and send a message to anti-gun nuts in positions of power to stop abusing their office.