Do The Smart Thing

When it comes to choosing the next Chair of the NH Republican Party, candidates should look very carefully at what is involved for a new person hoping to take over.

This is a grim reality learned through the fiasco of the way the party was run before John E. Sununu reappeared on the political scene to rescue the office from the total disarray it had been in under the former chairman. A chairman who also thought that the “environment and education” were more important Republican issues than taxes. No wonder the RINO bus crashed.

If anyone is interested in being the next Republican Party Chairman and thinks executive or business experience is a plus, you should hope your business or executive experience is involved with FEC filings and computer software that actually works for a political party office.

I would liken running a political party to, say, taking over a municipality from scratch – which I have actually done when I was elected selectman in my small town. We had $10,000.00 worth of software that was unused and no one had even trained for. Computer records were condensed and deleted paper records were, for all intents and purposes, non-existent.

The learning curve on a new chairmanship would not be a fun ride or a forgiving master.

Republicans better do whatever they can to keep as many people who were involved in this last election on board.