Funny, I Didn't Get A Call

Common sense says he would not have one if he was executed like should have been but Charlie Manson was caught in prison with – a cell phone, how about that. I can hardly find mine most of the time and it is even worse to keep track of the charger.

Wait, did he have a charger or was the guard who was giving him the cell phone charging it for him?

The story I read about Manson and the cell phone but it didn’t say anything about how he got it or kept it charged - but my cynical side says look at the obvious.

I wonder what his ring tone is – Helter Skelter maybe?

And exactly whom are we to suppose wanted to chat it up with Charlie?

My guesses:

1. A “reporter” doing a story or a book.

2. Some hottie who is looking to marry a prisoner so they can have conjugal visits and re-populate California with more little Mansons.

3. Attorneys.

4. I guess the Devil really doesn’t need a cell phone so skip him.

5. How about Roman Polanski talking about chicks and other guy stuff.

Oh well, no death penalty and you have these crazy little events happen now and then and over and over.

Just hope that when California lets him out, because of some activist court order regarding crowded prisons, he stays in California.