Have No Fear If They Are Keene On Ya

Here is a sample of government education industry logic:

A very popular (aren’t they all) elementary school teacher in his 50’s is caught by the Keene Police tending, for several months, to some pot plants located on state property and is arrested, along with criminal trespass and some other misdemeanors.

The Keene School Board looked at the arrest and said it did not conflict with their personnel policy regarding “moral and ethical” standards.

I can’t imagine there was no parent and education professional pressure to keep the “very popular” (aren’t they all) teacher on, even though the school superintendent wanted to fire him.

Ok, so we have saved another education industry professional from a life of working 12 months a year.

But what happens now if a new position opens up at the school and a candidate has a criminal conviction for pot possession? Doesn’t he or she get a leg up with the new interpretation of “ethical and moral” the Keene School Board used for the “very popular” pot head teacher?

Try NOT hiring the new teacher with a past conviction for pot possession or any other misdemeanor and see how fast you have to settle this one out of court with taxpayer money.

It might be wise to have several candidates for an elementary school teacher position, with past criminal convictions, apply for work in Keene. That way it won’t look like criminal discrimination and more like it is – a popularity contest.

In the government school industry professionalism is the last thing we want.